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So I've got my new lighting set up and I'm trying to get down the wiring (pluggin'). I have daylights/actincs and moon LED lights, and the lights for my sump/refugium. I would like to wire it so that the main tank lights are on during the day, and the moon and sump lights are on at night. I also have the return pump, a heater, a protein skimmer, and a grounding probe to plug in. Even now, without my new lights hooked up (it has three plugs for the daylights, actinics, and moons) It looks like a fire hazard octopus.

Anyone have experience with X10?

Any recommendations on wiring all this as simply as possible? I've looked at the timer strips that turn on nights and days, but I've been reading that they don't work and are even more of a fire hazard.


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I'm currently using timer strips (and they've worked just fine) but am upgrading to an ACjr with a DC-8... all those timers and powerstrips are too bulky, and sure look like a fire hazard even though I haven't had any problems. The ACjr/DC-8 package is a killer deal.

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I also think in the future you should keep a eye out for a acjr, I got mine with dc8 for $150-175 ish used there out there if you watch.


As for now you should consider a coralife dual timer or something like that. Word to the wise keep it clear of ANY water.

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