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My turn! My turn!


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Alright, I've been a newbie for about 3 months now. I think I can post some pictures from my tank now. For bragging rights, of course.;)



Check out the double "mouth" on the one













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It is a goby, of some sort. That is actually a question I have to pose (I may bring this over to the fish forum too); what kind of goby? It was sold to me as an orange spotted sleeper goby, but it doesn't quite look the same. It's spots are too round, it has that black patch on it's chest, and its eyes are too bulgy. Is it just a juvenile or a different species?


I have a

30 gal +10 gal sump/ refugium w/DSB

~40lbs rock

1 goby (unknown as of yet)

1 percula

crappy jimmy-rigged lighting (for now...)

zoos, xenia, ricordea

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Does your wachamacallit clam thing swim around your tank. I cannot for the life of me rember the name on the tip of the tongue. Electric ?????. cannot remember. I had one that b4 it died it would pump water and swim all over the place and knock everything over.


scallop thats it



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