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Medford: 55g FO with FuManChu Lionfish & Snowflake Eel


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My daughter is moving to Portland in the next few days & now finds she can't take her 55g with her.


Fu Manchu Lionfish, roughly 3”-4” now, 5”-6” full-grown. Well fed and very healthy. Requires 30+ gallon tank and has some specific tankmate requirements. Not yet switched to frozen foods; eating live saltwater ghost shrimp. This fish is poisonous, so special attention is required. Absolutely beautiful! $50 firm to good home only, includes some ghost shrimp.



Snowflake Eel, roughly 20”, will probably grow another 4”-6”. Prefers to eat silversides, shrimp, octopus, squid. Requires 55+ gallon tank, has some specific living requirements. This is a well cared for, great looking eel with beautiful markings! Almost impossible to find one of this size in fish stores; most are considerably smaller. $50 firm to good home only.





Complete 55-gallon Fish only set-up with Eel tube. Black wood stand, back glass panel painted black for better viewing of inhabitants. Comes with 10-gallon sump in stand, hang on overflow, CL65 protein skimmer, heater, return pump, powerhead, basic lighting, live sandbed, and roughly 80 lbs. of live rock. All pumps, skimmer, etc. are in perfect working order; most are less than a year old. Currently home to a Fu Manchu Lionfish and Snowflake Eel, which are being sold separately for $50 each. Asking $500 for complete set-up.


When it was empty:





Local pickup only on tank, may be able to arrange lion/eel delivery to Portland (or in-between) when she drives up?????

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