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My clown HATES my feather duster


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So a few weeks back my local petco had all livestock 50% off due to a incoming upgrade. I picked up a feather duster that had been there over a month looked great fully extended in the bag on the way home plop and drop things are great. About 3 days after I placed it in the tank it decided it wanted to attach to the rock and shed a piece of the tube it was opening waaaay farther than it was before. Well this is where the feather duster crossed the line I suppose about 2 days ago I come home from work with my female clown ripping it off the rock dragging it to the corner and laying the absolute smackdown on this poor thing. Its feathers are only about 1/4 now and I dont think its going to last much longer. I have no clue why she decided that it was clobbering time on the worm but she sure does not like it every once and awhile she darts over to the corner and smacks it with her tail. 

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