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150 gallon tank and contents for sale

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I am selling my 150 gallon acrylic Tru Vu aquarium and stand with all of the equipment and contents. I have lights but they will need a new ballast. A little investment can make the whole system pop  Sorry to see it go but I need the space and don't have the time to do it justice. All equipment is used so has some wear and tear. I am located in the Eugene, OR area. Priced to sell at $2,000.

The set up includes:

150 Gallon Acrylic Tru Vu tank

Approximately 30 Gallon sump

Coralife lighting system. Two 150 Watt Halides and two 48” bulbs (one ballast needs replaced)

3 Powerheads

Aqua C EV-180 Protein Skimmer

3 Pumps (Danner Mag 180, Danner Mag 20, Smaller unknown pump for salt mixing)

Ceramic 150 Watt Heater

Abundant Flow RO/DI Filter

Stand-Needs some work

45 Gallon Glass tank

Chiller (I havn't used in a couple years, may need Freon)





30 Gallon Mixing Container on wheels

Shark Magnet

Assorted cleaning supplies



Approximately 60 pounds of live rock

Two mated clown fish

2 Large Purple Acropora

2 Large Hammerheads

Large Zoanthid Colony

Large Neon Green Button Polyp Colony

Large red plating Montipora

Large Green Plating Montipora

Green Mushrooms

Many Orange Yuma

Many Green Yuma

Purple and Green Rhodactis (?)

Orange Rock Flower Anenome

Two finger leathers








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