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Glass Nano tank setup (21 gallon) w/ light, skimmer


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I have a ViaAqua 780 nano display (21 gallons) that I am looking to sell or trade for a skimmer capable of skimming a system in the 100-200 gallon range for my frags.




I have the black unit, it is one year old to the month, it has no scatches, NONE.


This will include the tank, the original pendant light, and prizm HOB skimmer.


If your interested I also have a pendant light on it now that has a quad bulb PC 96 watt (brand new)


I want it out of my office so I am going to offer it up cheap, I have no time for a tank at work anymore. $175 take it home or remove the skimmer and take it for $150


Actual tank is 20" wide x 13.5" front to back x 20" high

This tank will be available very shorty after I get my frag tank setup, hoping to find interest with someone with a skimmer that will run my frag tank.


notes from manufacturer:

ViaAqua® LV 700 Series Aquariums use state of the art technology to provide a seamless viewing area in every glass aquarium manufactured. All aquariums are made using the highest quality floated glass to ensure durability and clarity. Finally a glass aquarium with radius corners that will not scratch or craze like acrylic and plastic aquariums. Enclosed in an elevated aluminum hood are one 18 watt PC actinic bulb and one 18 watt PC 7,100k daylight bulb. Both lights are powered by a remote ballast with independent switches for either light. The aquarium is filtered by an undergravel filtration system that is powered by a ViaAqua® powerhead. With over three watts of lighting per gallon, these aquariums are ideal for Nano reefs and planted aquariums. ViaAqua® aquariums are designed for freshwater and saltwater environments.


• Radius corner glass aquarium

• Dual compact lighting

• Remote ballast

• Elevated aluminum Hood

• Undergravel filtration

• Great for Nano reefs

• For fresh or saltwater environments

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