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Korallin Calcium Reactor Package--Only $280!!!!


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I am offering for sale an almost, plug and play Korallin calcium reactor setup. You get; Korallin C1502 calcium reactor, CO2 bottle (over half full), CO2 regulator with solinoid and precision needle valve, almost enough Knop reactor media to completely fill reactor, two month old Aqualifter pump to feed reactor and about 7' or so of CO2 proof tubing. This reactor is excellent working order and does not leak water or CO2. Very efficient use of CO2 with a 5lb bottle lasting me for over 8 months on a fully stocked, 125gal, SPS tank with a pretty big T. gigas clam.


The reactor does not have the CO2 check valve on it since it seemed to work better without it and I had a solinoid valve to protect the CO2 tank from backflow. I dont know what I did with the valve and so it is not included. Thats it. Please email me if you are interested in buying the whole package for $285.00 firm. Im willing to meet someone half way to deliver since I live out in the Gresham area. If no one wants it here, I will put it on ReefCentral but I'de rather sell it here since I cant ship the CO2 tank. Please email me at dennis4679@comcast.net if you are interested.





PS: Im going to be downsizing my tank next month to a 39gal Cadlights setup so, there is going to be LOTS of top end equipment comming up for sale soon. Stay tuned.







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