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Refugium DSB sifters


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So, I have a DSB in my refugium/ sump (working great to keep down the nitrates(clap)). The problem is, the DSB portion of the refugium is only about 4 gals with the baffles and all. What is a good sand sifter to put in there? A cuke will probably be to big, a goby will swim out, snails climb over the baffles, and stars eat all the goodies. Is there anything else? What does everyone else use?

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If its an established system its no doubt already seeded and live, especially if its keeping his nitrates down, so no need to really add more LS. You could add a few nassarius snails to the mix, should keep the top portion of your DSB clean and clear. Anything more then that and I would just ditch the DSB because it would be useless.

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