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Moving and need to sell everything TONS OF STUFF!!!!


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Hey folks!


It breaks my heart to have to do this, but I need to move and can't take all my aquariums with me... :(


There is alot of stuff I need to sell... a calcium reactor, 400w halide ballast-bulb-fixture, livestock, liverock first... then after those are all gone I can begin to sell the live sand, pumps, tanks, lighting, stands...


The stuff I am selling right now:


Calcium Reactor unused - $175 (what I paid for it) unused pump and bubble counter included - purchased from Rose City Aquarium and I think they built it themselves - does NOT come with Co2 tank!!!

400w halide ballast/fixture - bulb included that appears to be a 14-20k - $200 (what I paid used)

100lbs+ crushed coral - 50 cents per pound

Red Sea Wavemaker - $80 - used for 1 hour until I realized you can't use it with the Hydor Koralias. OOPS. :)

Coralife Protein Skimmer (rated for a 220) w/venturi pump - $50



Live Rock - 200-300lbs or more but most is in my reef tank which I need to break down after the livestock is sold - $5 per pound OR $4.50 per pound if you buy 100lbs or more (if you buy it all I'll make an even sweeter deal)

Livestock - ALL SOLD



Stuff I can sell once everything live is gone:


200-300lbs of live sand

scratched 75g all-glass tank

custom hood by Seahorse for the 75 w/ 2-175w Halides/ballast & 2-110w VHO actinics/ballast, 6 moonlights by Current USA

a 75 All-glass black pine stand

4' Lunar Aqualight by Coralife (4x65w PC + 4 blue moonlights)

135g All-glass tank (scratched - perfect for refugium or sump!)

46g all-glass bowfront tank + stand (SOLD)

timers, and sheesh... TONS more stuff that I'll have to dig for. Even some freshwater related stuff for you Freshwater/Brackish folks


PLEASE call me on my cell phone instead of responding to this message since I won't be at a computer alot this next week. My cell number is - 971-235-5725 between 10am-10pm. I'm nice and willing to make price breaks for those who buy ALOT of stuff. :)

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It looks like there's a meeting in 5 days (January 20th!).


What I could do, is bring all the livestock people are buying and stuff and we could do our transactions there if that's OK with everyone.


Let me know if this would be a problem, otherwise I think I'd like to do that there so the livestock won't get too stressed out from me wreaking havoc in the tank 15 times to get everyone out. :)

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Hey folks, sorry I haven't gotten back to any of you sooner. Like I said in my post though, I am in the process of moving and wouldn't really have much computer access.. which is why I provided my cell number for you to contact me with... aka the reason why I haven't seen or responded to the messages in my inbox.


So... PLEASE call me on my cell instead of messaging me on here. Thank you. :)

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