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12G Nano


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Well took my sons 29 down and got a all in one tank. These things are great for kids rooms as there is not a whole lot they can do to them. I was always worried one of the kids would drop something into the open top of the 29DOH! Well started with about 10lbs of live sand then added 10 to 12 lbs of live rock to. Just took some water out of my 90 and added it to it so there would be no cycle. Ended up putting his fire shrimp and sexy shrimp out his 29 in there. Hit SWF on sat and found a antenna goby that he really liked. Then sat we were cleaning his old sump and found a Randalls goby that had been missing for a few months(scratch) Well it survived so in the tank it went. Then today got a Hectors goby to round out the fish population of the tank. As for corals not really a whole lot have a frag of a torch and a hammer and some zenia weed in there along with some zoos and a feather duster thahe really liked. Also have a plate coral that was the first purchase when the 29 was origianly set up. So far so good and hopefully things keep going good. Am going to put a fuge in one of the chambers but other than that I think this is about finished. Time to sit back and enjoy(laugh) Here are a few bad oics and then the camera diedDOH!



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