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Important note about livestock. Everything that has EVER gone into this tank has been QT’ed. All the fish have been through hyposalinity to ensure there is no ick. This is an extremely healthy system.


Please remember all these fish have been QT’ed and don’t have ick, so you can skip the process.


- Koran Angelfish – 4” - This fish is nothing short of AMAZING!($45)

- Porcupine Puffer Fish – 3” - this guys personality is wonderful, eats right out of your hand.($18)

- Lunar Wrasse- 2” ($15)

- Kole Tang – 4” ($35)

- Coral Banded Shrimp ($7)

- Chocolate chip starfish ($5)



email - dstoneburg@comcast.net

cell - (541)221-1016.

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