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colorful macroalgae

Ron Popeil

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Was Up Jordan. I got a few. Red Ulva (thinking this is what you mean by sheet only it is commonly green) kinda smaller size Red Grape, an alright size, bigger then the usual clipping Small amount of "dragon's breath", this has not grown like the others for me but I'll split what I have. Some of all three would give you a good start. LMK what you want. If your in tomorrow at Waves I'll be there to get water, could bring it by. They will all be kind of on the smaller side. I got them all as frags in Novemeber, but they grow pretty fast so no problem to bring you some. I also have some of the greens, but other then the suction cup which I have very little of (enough to share but it would be really small), last time I was in the shop you had the others I have. I'll check on here before I stop by. Going to try to meet up with Randy tomorrow if it works out for him so my schedule is dependent on that. I guess I could always just leave it for you if your not there if it's cool with Joel. You can give me a call too if you like

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