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clam mantle

mister crabs

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there looks to be a hole on the mantle of my crocea clam. its where there normally is just the one or two little spout looking mouths. now there is just one "spout" and a hole like 1/2" long. is this normal? is it normal to be able to see into the inside of the clam? I just got this clam today and can still take it back to the store if need be. thanks in advance guys! (scratch)

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theyve got the spout(siphon) and a slit, ones intake ones outflow. 1/2 deal sounds normal. being able to see the insides is what is called gaping i think. when they are happy you can't see inside the slit. mine have been gaping from time to time when unhappy, but have been fine in long run. probably just getting used to new home.

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If your worried about putting a larger amount of phyto in the system with the clam you can remove the clam to a seperate container and feed the clam there. Let it sit untilt he water turns from green to clear and then place the clam back in the tank. Will make sure the phyto fed is consumed and will add less pollutants to the tank.


I really don't feed my clam, it just likes the light.

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