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Would you rather drill back wall or bottom for CL???


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I like the bottom for sump and return when its integrated with overflow. the big question is are you shooting to push the tank against the wall if so then of course bottom CLS. Your biggest issue if any will be leaks if you got one. Otherwise I think its just a matter of what works. If your short on room under the tank pull it out a bit and do the CLS on the back so you free up some under the stand.


As far as mine you already know how I feel about my CLS on the back.

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Yah thats how i feel about mine currently. The bottom is appealing, but i'm concerned about getting the flow right. And i'll have to raise the drain up above the sand for sure. I'll finally get to use my OM Super Squirt :D I'm going to need a new drum for it though. I don't know if i'm going to put the tank in the corner or middle of a wall yet...

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I did mine through the back of the tank and then ran spraybars to get it on the bottom and under the rocks. It's all controlled by ball valves so I can push all the water through any one of the outputs. I'm quite happy with it myself.


Pic's are worth a thousand words right?






I've had 15 or so tanks, about 30 or 40 variations, many types, I tinker,this is the one I'm most happy with. The spraybars are my friends.

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