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I did it but for the first couple of months I was too busy to change all the water every week. Towards the last couple of months though I followed the directions pretty good and added about 30 lbs of the rock to an existing system. Zero cycling issues. Rock looks like marco rocks but with sponges, tunicates and some coralline still on it.








Somehow I still had a flatworm outbreak though after the addition of the rock (the non AEFW kind). So if I could do it again I would just get marco rocks, dose beneficial bacteria and cook that for a few weeks.

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I did it for about 8 months. Didn't plan on doing it for so long, but there was some money things, some lazyness etc.


Basically I left it in rubbermaids with heaters turned up. I changed the water every time I changed the water on my nano so about 10g's a week. I used an old Via Aqua pump (800gph or so) for flow. I actually fed the rock with pure unscented ammonia, got it at Smart and Final, and dosed vodka when I remebered. I'd like to say once a week, but I might have missed a few doses.


When I setup the tank there was no cycle. I could drop in 5 cubes of mysis, wait 6 hours and read zero for ammonia,and nitrites. I tried burying the liverock in a DSB in one of the tubs to see if I could promote the growth of anaerobic bacteria, but I didn't deem it succsessful in my case.


My tank is running now, has been since March, never had an algae issue. I feed 5 cubes of various foods a day. Dose phyto three days a week. I use no skimmer (keep meaning to get one one day, maybe a Euro Reef is in my future, just want a gadget, never had a good skimmer). My only filtration is the refugium. I do keep up on water changes pretty well. My clean uo crew is a turbo snail and a peppermint shrimp. The tank is a 65g with a 20g fuge. Lots of macro's.




In retrospect, I'd do it again. I didn't have any pests survive. Just the bacteria. No coraline either, but that may have been due to the time.



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