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I need interceptor :(


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I got a present with some new frags from a Portland area LFS... DOH!


Anybody have enough for 3 treatments on a 30 gallon before I go to a vet? I'm in North Portland.


Can you PM me with which one? I want to know if I need to check closely at my frags :(


Actually - why couldn't this be made public? I think that knowing who is clean and who isn't at a particular time would be beneficial for all of us, LFSs included.

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I have jsw covered, but to be honest, it is kind of irrelevant which lfs had them. you guys need to assume everybody is infected and treat all incoming new arrivals. redbugs are a walk in the park, you come down with aefw's and you will have a real problem and many hobbiests who have them have no idea.


You can expect a LFS to take reasonable precautions, but due to volume it is impossible to expect them to be able to catch everything. If you want to protect your blood sweat and tears its your responsibility to simply treat and closely inspect new guys before throwing them in your display.


for future reference, interceptor can be obtained here. ignore the prescription needed...just order it and it will ship.




I pay a little more but my vet gives them to me no problem, but know of many who have purchased from them

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