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My best sale as of yet - Getting out of the hobby!


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Selling my pride and joy, this has brought me endless delight and countless nights sitting up watching my own personal ocean.

I do have many of the receipts to most of these purchases. The majority of these items are no more then 4 months old.


- 72g bowfront tank and stand(black)(Soundproofed)

- Glass Cover

- Built In Overflow with durso standpipe

- NO lighting strip

- T-5 light strip ( Coral – Reef lighting ).(Bulbs 1month old.)

- 4x Hydor Koralia Powerheads(1 month old)

- 150+ lbs of premium seasoned liverock

- 100+lbs of sugar grain livesand

- 20g Sump/Refugium with light

- Two Little Fishies Phosphate reactor (carbon)(3 months old)

- Das-Ex1 Skimmer(3 months old.) – This skimmer really is awesome, I was convinced to purchase one after reading how great they were on RC.com(http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1250720)

- Magfloat

- Refractormeter

- Test Kits

- TYPHOON III AQUARIUM RODI 75 or 100 GPD(3 Months old)(Really hasnt been used much at all.)

- 10g QT tank (Lights,Heater,Filter,Thermometer)

- Coralife power center with timers


Important note about livestock(including Liverock)

Everything that has EVER gone into this tank has been QT’ed. All the fish have been through hyposalinity to ensure there is no ick. This is an extremely healthy system.



- Koran Angelfish - 3.5-4" - This fish is nothing short of STUNNING.

- Porcupine Puffer Fish 2.5" - this guys personality is wonderful, eats right out of your hand.

- Lunar Wrasse - 2"

- Kole Tang 3.5"

- Coral Banded Shrimp

- 70+ Snails

- 50+ Hermits

- 3+ Emerald Crabs


So Why am I selling all this you are wondering.. School. Im attending school to be a paramedic and with the time and money commitment both of these take, school has to be #1. So Because of these circumstances, school is taking priority and the tank needs to go.


Because I am getting out of the hobby, I will give you EVERYTHING. Theres a lot I don’t remember and cant list.

For anyone who knows me, they know I sell everything cheaper then anyone else can/will. So you can be assured this is cheaper then you can find it anywhere else.



- Couple Bottles of Selcon

- Bottle of Zoe

- Large pack of frozen Krill

- Large container of NLS thera a+ food(Best pellet food ive ever used)

- Pack of Nori seaweed

- 45g water mixing container

- Two 22g water storage/mixing containers

- Large latching prode(used to either feed or pickup things that fall to the bottom)

- Turkey baster(Cant life without it!)

- Drip acclimation setup

- A TON of carbon


Asking price is $1100. In 1-2 months if it is not sold I will part it out. If it does come down to parting out I know I will get atleast $1800 out of it all. Anyone that has been on these forums long enough knows I sell a TON of stuff and know what things are worth and know what is fair. This is by FAR one of the best deals Ive put out there.


Theres a small chance of doing a partial trade for a nano system if the price is right, I do feel I could keep up with a very small tank.


Pics to come....

Any questions or if I failed to adress something please ask and I will answer asap.

I perfer phone calls - (541)221-1016.

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