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125 gal. reef setup priced to sale!


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Ok I'm going to be downsizeing to a smaller setup due to humidity vs. square footage issues. So the following is for sale.



1.125 Gal. acrylic tank with blue back and internal overflow on one end w/ dual durso standpipes.72x18x22..

2.Nice custom canopy professionally constructed with crown molding, oak finish, and 5 access doors. 4 in front, and one on the end with the overflow.

3.Custom stand 2x4 construction that is 72x24x32 in. tall. It will hold a 180gal. tank, but the 125gal. fits on it very nicely with a ledge in the front that my cats like to chill on. It's not a tacky piece of furniture.

4. 2-250 watt 13k halides on the ends and a 175-10k in the center with 2 -72in. vho actenics.

5. Pacific Coast rps 3000 skimmer 6 mo. old very efficent with mesh, venturi mod allready done.

6. Gen-X retutn pump 650 gph.

7. Acrylic sump with 3 filter socks.

8. Remora Pro skimmer with Rio 2100 I use as a back up.

9. Phosphate remover filter with minijet pump.

10. Autotopoff sensor from autotopoff.com. It's in sump hooked up to a topoff resivor. Works great.

11. 5 stage spectra pure ro/di with inline tds meter.

12. Both my water change tubs. Food grade 25 gal. ea. and on wheels.

13. 1/2 bucket Kent salt and all my testing equipment. Salifert Ca/ Kh. And full sea lab set.

14. 4Lbs. Balls pickleing lime.

15. PM Kalk reactor for all topoff water

16. DJ Lighting power strip mounted in stand

17. 3 appliance timers in stand.

18. 2 Fans in canopy 1 fan in stand

19. pinpoint Ph meter and calabration fluid.

20. Refractomoter with case and instructions

21. Under tank lighting for macro algae.

22. Kent activated carbon. Full container.

23. Kent Zooplex-Kent Phytoplex-Kent Strontium. All brand new

24. Plastic Tongs

25. Anything else that I find that I forgot to list.

26. Various power heads


1. Approx 175lbs. very nice Lr.

2. Tyree Green toadstoll Leather

3. Huge red Favia Brain. Did I say HUGE!

4. Very nice very large purple Crispa anenome. In system for years!

5. Meteor shower frag

6. Small patch of Xenia

and other frags off Zoanthids and various corals.

7. Large Purple Tang

8. Pair of Vanuatu Tomato clowns

9. 2 Velvet Damsels

10. Algae Blennie

11. Large and really cool Marine Betta. Comes out at night

12. Shallow sand bed in tank


Ok this is as I said priced to sale! I need to move it because the humidity is way too high in this small duplex we live in. I want to sale it as a entire setup. If it does not sale in 4 weeks, I will sale it off piece by piece for more then this package deal. This is a great setup and priced to sale at 1200.00 obo!

The tank does have some scratches in it that could use a scratch repair kit. But still a nice tank with 3/8 in. acrylic that has no deflection. Please PM me offers or inqury here. I will be posting pics after the Holidays. Thanks for looking.

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