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is my anemone bleched ???


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well im just wondering if my anemone is bleached or if it suposed to be this white ive had it about 1 month it seems to do just fine eats little pieces of krill about once every other week other than that my clown seems to take care of it pretty well he never leaves it for more than 5 min lol its never closed up always open and big. so idk let me know what you think

also wondering if anyone know what type of anemone this is it has bright pink tips




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It looks like a bubble tip anemone to me, but it could be a sebae anemonie. Most likely the first though. Keep an eye on it over the next few months. It should color up a bit if you have good lighting on it. It may not be bleached out. You may just have a reallylight colored anemonie. Glad to here the clowns like it! As long as it remains open and healthy and you suppliment it with food every once in a while, I wouldn't worry about it.


Nice looking anemone,


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