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This is just a friendly reminder for everyone.


Commercial users can only sell within the confines of their company forums. Commercial users are not allowed to sell in any other forums except their own. Bidding wars and Auctions are not permitted unless sanctioned by the PNWMAS. PNWMAS is not responsible for any problems resulting in the business transaction of one of our commercial users and one of our members. It is up to the member to resolve any dispute with the commercial user. Please resolve this issue via PM' date=' email or a telephone call instead of starting a thread in the forums. Only two parties are impacted by this issue, not the membership as a whole. If a commercial user has reoccurring issues with upset members or if the commercial user's business practices do not reflect the mission of this club, the commercial user may be removed by a majority vote of the Officers and Board of Directors.[/quote']


If you do have an aquaria related business, sponsorship is rather inexpensive on these forums. Plus there is that added benefit of supporting the site, which isn't free, so it can stay up and running. I believe JManrow is the one to contact if you are interested in sponsoring the site.

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