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90 Gallon Setup In Southern Oregon


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Well I have had a great time in the hobby. But it is time to get out. I am selling everything as one huge lot. I will not ship. I don't have the time to package and ship (heck.. thats why I am gettingout of the hobby. No time.) I live in Southern Oregon (Grants Pass, 97527). I think you will find that the price I am asking is so good, it would make sense for somebody from Seattle to San Fran to come and pic this up and still get a great deal. This is a complete turn-key 90 gallon aquarium. I am also including another 90 gallon tank with tons of other parts that would almost make another complete 90 gallon setup. I am going to list all the goodies below. Please pm me and I will get you pics. Please don't waste my or your time if you are not serious. I take paypal and cash. If you have any questions please pm me. I am sure I will forget something because there is tons of good stuff. ok here we go.


The running 90 gallon:


-90 gallon Perfecto Corner flow aquarium (48x18x24) 2 weeks old

-matching black stand and canopy

-custom sump with refuge (aprox 30 gallons or so)

-Hamilton Lights Deluxe hood 2x250 MH and 2x40 NO

-Mag drive 9 return pump

-Octopus 150 skimmer

- aprox. 100-110 ponds of very live rock (tons of color and life)

-100 ponds of #1 live sand




-a big flower pot

-a huge green brain

-aprox. 6 inch ancor coral non-branching (my favorite)

-Grapefruit sized frog spawn

-a huge finger leather

- baseball sized Hulk Green zoo rock

- dinner plate sized LTA (beautiful colors)

- a couple acro. frags and a small colony of the same acro.




-a mated and spawning pair of maroon clowns. The female is

aprox. 3.5 inches and the male is a bit smaller. Like I said they

are a proven spawning pair with some huge clutches. (I can

provide pics of the eggs).

-5-6 inch Sailfin Tang (beautiful fish)

-3 inch Scopos Tang

-3 inch Niger Trigger (doesn't bother any of the corals)

-3 inch Bi-Color Blenny

-2 inch Sixline Wrasse (another beautiful fish)

-1-1.5 inch clown gobby

-50 or so snails

-60 or so hermit crabs


Note on the above setup:


Like I mentioned earlier this is a turn-key setup. The tank is currently running and doing great. All the fish are little pigs. One thing I should mention is for whatever reason my ballast to my MH and my NO trip my GFCI breaker. So I have them ran on a non-gfci outlet and work great. I have ran my lights this way for almost 2 years with no problems. I just want to be upfront about this. I have had an electrician come over and try to figure it out. He told me the gfci is wired fine and the lights seem to be wired fine as well. He also mentions that sometimes gfci can be sensitive. But again, I have not had a single problem with them. The light setup is a bit old. So maybe a new setup in the future might not be a bad idea. The lights are 10k Ishio. They are only 6 months old and the same with the atinic bulbs (6 months old). The sump, return pump, skimmer are all about 1 year old. I originaly ran a canister filter when I started than upgraded to the sump setup.


Below is other goodies that come with the setup.

-90 gallon aquarium (not drilled, I used an overflow box) Great

condition but needs to be cleaned

-Overflow box (rated at 1200 gph)

-Pondmaster 12 return pump (only used a couple weeks)

-Filter Guys reef +2 RODI Unit (great unit) (aprox 4 months old)

Still has tons of life of the filters

-almost new 33 gallon Brute trash can

-Assorted heaters and airpumps and fish food

-Brand new bottle of Instant Algae (cost me 70.00)


Well I think that is about it. If I remember anything I will update. But I am sure thats all. Please pm any questions. I think 1800.00 is a very fair price. Especialy since I just spent 500 on a new aquarium and plumbing 2 weeks ago. Plus 250ish for the RODI unit. Also the possibilities with the Maroons babies if thats what your into. I am not firm on price but I think its a fair price. Lets talk.

I need to get this out of my house. I am expecting my leopard gecko breeding racks to be finished anyday and need the space.

oh and I am also into maybe a partial trade with leopard geckos or breeding racks. I am sorry for the bad spelling. I am just tired. Thanks



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the best I can do is 1100.00 or it is possible I can break in up but all the fish would have to go first. Being that I am in southern Oregon maybe a few of you northen guys can get together and part it out. I just found out my racks will be here saturday. I am also down for trades of some cool things. lets work it out. thanks

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that is 800 for everything in the pics. does not include the RO unit and the extra tanks. 800.00 Get you EVERYTHING you see in the pics. The tank is up and running doing great. I have seen spawning maroon clownfish sell for 200.00 plus. This is a great deal.

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