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Electricity revives Bali coral reefs


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This is interesting to me. You read about all these stray voltage problems crashing tanks, people telling others to add grounding probes, buy equipment to test for voltage, etc. Now they are using electicity to help corals grow faster!


"What Goreau's Bali project has done is to construct metal frames, often in the shape of domes or greenhouses, and submerge them in the bay. When hooked up to a low-voltage energy source on the shore, limestone — a building block of reefs — naturally gathers on the metal. Workers then salvage coral that has broken from damaged reefs and affix it to the structure.


Goreau and his supporters say the electricity spurs the weakened coral to revival and greater growth.


"When they get the juice, they are not as stressed," said Rani Morrow-Wuigk, an Australian-German woman who rents bungalows on the beach and has supported efforts to save the reefs for years.


And indeed, the coral on the structures appear vibrant, and supporters say they have rebounded with impressive vigor. The coral in Pemuteran teems with clownfish, damselfish and other colorful tropical animals."



So the electricity reduces the stress according to them. I'm betting the voltage is less than what might be in our tanks. But if you don't have any fish, maybe stray voltage is a good thing for your tank provided you cut the power when you put your hands in!!!

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