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FS: DAS and Tunze skimmers - DON'T MISS OUT


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I need money to finish my new tank setup (just bought an OM 4-way, total rape), so I'm letting go of some equipment that I normally would not be selling.


Do not PM me if you're interested just reply to this thread.


**Important Note:**

DAS skimmer - available in 2 weeks, do not PM me just reply to this message if you are SERIOUSLY interested. When the skimmer is available I will use this to determine who gets first dibs.


Extra backup Aquabee Needlewheel pump - available by next weekend


Tunze skimmer - available by next weekend


Okay on to the products:


DAS EX-1 Protein Skimmer, recirculating, external or in sump

One Pump for aquariums up to 125 gallons.

Skimmer dimensions: 15.4"x7.1"x23.4"

Mixing tube diameter: 5"

Collection neck diameter: 3"








Honestly, it kind of hurts me to be selling this and I will probably regret it later. I am so impressed with the skimmer for the price. This "little" beast will hold it's own against the Deltec and H&S powered skimmers which cost 2-3x's as much. Uses same needlewheel as H&S, same efficient, powerful aquabee pump as both, and is a licensed Deltec design. I have added a john guest valve for the air input which makes this skimmer almost completely silent. Also added a higher quality O-ring for a leak proof seal at the convenient twist lock cup. Trust me you CANNOT be disappointed with this skimmer. The only issue people have is they aren't packaged very well for shipping, thus many arrive damaged. You can avoid this risk by buying from me (I will not ship).


retail price: $285.99 + shipping

my asking price: only $225.00


You will not find a better deal on a skimmer of this caliber. No shipping risks.




I am also selling a BACKUP Aquabee Needlewheel pump for this bad boy. Brand new only water tested. Enjoy the added security or the freedom to regularly clean out one pump in a vinegar bath while not having to shut down the skimmer. Comes with mesh modded needlewheel, but I recommend if you are using it for this skimmer to remove the mesh, the skimmer kicks butt as is. The only thing you need to do if using it for the DAS is bond an extension & true union to the output. I never got around to doing this. It is a Spears true union and I can provide one for you if you like - this fits perfectly with the other half of the union that is attached to the skimmer. I will ship this pump (extra) if necessary but not the skimmer.


retail price: $139.99

my asking price: only $100.00




Finally I am selling a barely broken in Tunze Nano DOC 9002 skimmer. I've had 2 of these, the first I sold to Ryan. Well I liked the Tunze so much I bought another for a QT tank I set up. The main downside of the Tunze IMO is the difficulty in getting it tuned because the break in period can take weeks. Save yourself the headache I have not had to adjust this skimmer for at least a couple of weeks and it's starting to pull out some gunk. I will ship this skimmer (extra) if necessary.


retail price: $135.72

my asking price: only $100.00


THANKS FOR LOOKING!! I also still have a LIfereef LF150 sump available if anyone is interested. I'm willing to sell it for super duper cheap at this point just make me an offer.

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Gunner52 - I would prefer to sell it on Saturday evening but if an earlier time is more convenient for you let me know I could probably have it ready sooner.


impur - sale fell through on aquabee pump it's yours if you want it (I wont be around today but I'll be around all weekend)

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