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Tons of additives and test kits for sale!


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I will do my best to describe these the best way possible.. For the first few people who buy they will be sent home with some freebies.


Ive got PH up in a bottle new in box..

full container of seachem ph marine buffer(8.8oz btle)$6

Blue vet RX redslime control - $10

API ammonia testkit 3/4's full - $7

Kent marine phytoplex 3/4's full - $5

Marineland Labs - Bio-Blend Large marine food -$5

Coppersafe(4oz) almost full - $7

Seachem reef dip(8.5oz)Almost full - $8

Chem-marin 'stop hair algae - reef safe' almost full - $6

Two little fishies Iodine Concentrate almost full(8.4oz) - $8

Ocean Nutrition - Prime reef(flake)-Almost full(5.5oz) - $7

Whole freeze dried cyclop-eeze 3/4's full - $6

Pond care - Algae Destroyer 'advanced' Full(16oz)-$8

'Flourish' Comprehensive supplement for the planted aqaurium-seachem(16.9oz)-$8

Marc Weiss - Reef vital DNA(16oz) - full - $10

Erythromycin - 10 capsules - $2(2x)

Kent marine superbuffer dKH 1/2 full(2lbs) - $6

Kent marine superbuffer dKH Full (2lbs) - $9

Seachem multitest - iodine & iodide Hardly used - $10

Seachem reef complete(raises calc) Proffesional size 3/4's full - $15(SOLD!)


Any question or if you wanna make a deal gimme a call at (541)221-1016.

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