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Heres a good cheap pump


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I just wanted to pass along some info to everyone. Here is a good little pump that has many uses. I can be used for a return pump from your sump to your tank. I used to have 4 of these little pumps. Used them for my returns and for a upgrade for my AquaC Remora skimmer. They are very reliable and silent and best of all CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP at around 20 bucks each. I have seen them on ebay for 22 bucks shipped before. Perfect submersible return for your up to 75 gallon tank. Comes with a cheap gate valve to control the flow. Diddnt know if anyone was intrested in this info but hey might save some poor sucker from buyong a 75 dollar pump when they dont need to. Oh yea they also come with aimable jets for useing as a powerhead but I really think they are ugly and to big in your display tank.




No this is not my auction and I am not selling them in any way. :D





Maximum head: 51.2"

Dimensions: 4 1/4" L x 2 3/4" W x 3 3/4" H

Wattage: 35

UPC: 006903713849

ViaAqua®/Commodity Axis, Inc.

GPH: 525

Variable flow control: yes

Cord length: 6’

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