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Trading Enchiladas for Zoos/Pallys/Rics/ other frags at Christmas Party


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Alright, my tank is still young and bare to have much to trade so I thought I'd offer some of our famous homemade enchiladas with Spanish rice that I brought to last years Christmas party. They were a hit and we went home with an empty dish. Bob liked the idea and I'm bringing him 4. Since you would miss out because we're not doing a potluck, I'll make you 4 homemade chicken enchiladas and a side of Spanish rice, you just add the beans. It's enough for 2 adults for a dinner. I'll bring them on ice to the clubs Christmas party.


Let me know what you got, pictures would be nice or ID from web. I'm wanting to add a lot more color since a lot of my corals are "reef tan". I've upgraded to 250 watt halides recently. Other colorful LPS/ Monti & other SPS's would work too.

Here are some crummy photos to show what I've already got, wanting a larger variety with more punch (no actinics running in photo). I've recently drooled over the zoos posting on our site and there are some awesome looking Zoos in the tanks.

Any takes other than Bob? (whistle)

Maybe I should change the heading for Zoos for Food. Hey, when you're not working, food is a commodity.


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Anybody else? My recipe makes 60 so I'll have plenty and I guarantee my enchilada frags will be ich and pest free. I'll pack them in ice for those who are driving a distance. Any more takers other than Nyles and Bob? I'm sure more people need to do some weeding of their zoos and palys :).

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do you ship??


Now there's an idea. My wife wanted me to start a business delivering lunches to folks at her school and others, kind of like a preordered chuck wagon. I passed at the idea. As for shipping, I'd have to start making tamales too, but I think they'd take longer than the enchiladas. Next time I go to Bend I'll be sure to cook some up for ya. I love riding motorcycles in Bend/Redmond's ice cold, it clears my sinuses and when I crash, I'm too cold to feel the pain :)

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