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Tanks, lights etc FS/Trade


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F/S 29 Gal tank,stand and hood

GREAT STARTER TANK!!!!!!!!!!!! I tore this setup down a few weeks ago and I have no need for it now. It is a 29 gal acrylic w/corner overflow. The tank needs to be buffed out, nothing real deep. the stand is solid wood and black in color w/no center brace so a nice sump can be put in it. The hood is also black. All that is really needed is a return pump and hoses to the sump and lights. I'm looking for a calcium reactor w/Co2 bottle and gauges,chiller,ets or octopus skimmer rater for heavy bio load up to 150 gal or cash is always king. Drop me a line if you would like more info.






29 aga w/plastic top,light strip, xp3 canister filter,heater, powerhead and free gray sand if wanted $75

5 gal acrylic nano cube w/slat and pepper sand,heater, nano powerhead $25

1 250w PFO Ballast w/spider reflector 10k bulbs and harnesse $100

Berlin skimmer free

Misc used powerheads $5 each

Coralife 24" dual PC w/moonlight and fans $75 used 4months works great on the 29 or 20/20L. I was growing LPS with no problems.

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