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everything for sale.


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selling our whole system. Livestock obviously needs to go first so here it is. PM me for pics of specific items or if you want to come and see many. Sorry about the pics that I do have so far, I haven't scraped coraline in about a month.



Hand Held Refractometer $15 SOLD

Maxi Jet 1200 new in box $12SOLD

Maxi Jet 1200 used $8SOLD

Maxi Jet 900 $6SOLD

Coralife salt. 2 out of 3 bags from a large bucket plus about 1/4 of a bucket full no longer in the bag. asking $25 for all of it.



purple gorgonian - $15

favia brain - $40

Small green brain - $30SOLD

Large green brain - $50

Maze brain - $35SOLD

bright green mushrooms (15 or so) - $40

red mushrooms (6 or so) $35

hammer frag -$10 SOLD

bright green zoos - $45

bluish-green ricordia rock - $30

green eyed zoos/zenia rock - $35

single orange ricordia - $15

light blue w/ peach mouth zoos and 2 red mushrooms rock - $ 40SOLD

Small chocolate mojitos zoos - $25

Large chocolate mojitos zoos - $40

Purple mushroom rock - $25SOLD


2 purple urchins $15 ONE LEFT $7

false perc. clown $10

lawnmower blennie $10

sixline wrasse $25

coral beauty $20

diamond goby $18

Please keep in mind that I have a ton of rock so catching the fish are a little hard to do right now, but the more rock that goes, the easier it will be and I can reserve a fish if it's not very catchable yet.


Nice live rock $4.00 a pound.

rock rubble that is no longer in a set up tank, $2.00 per pound. A TINY LEFT



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these items are truly ready for a new home. It would be great for somebody who wanted a ton of stuff to come over. We purchase the high majority of the items from Jason at Coral Reef and Travis at Upscales. There are more items than I have listed. There are some hard coral frags that I am unsure of what they are called that I'm asking $10 each for. There are also 2 really nice ricordia rocks. One has 5 different colored ricordias with a total of about 8 mouths that I'm asking $100 for. The second one is amazing and is the one thing that I hate to gid rid of, but if the tank goes, it probably needs to go too. It has 4 different colored ricordias on it that are all about a silver dollar size with about 10 mouths, maybe a few more. We are aking $150 for that one.

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I may be interested in several pieces


Please email me directly at aktreva@comcast.net


I'd love to come over Tuesday the 26th or sometime soon after that to see what you have left and check it out. I have a 100g going that has lots of clove polyp in it... thinking of 'weeding' and changing the color scheme a bit.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

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