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Dremel 3000 New, Great For Fragging Corals Or?


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I have a Dremel 3000 I've only used once, I already have one so don't need two. Comes with the gray case and I believe all the pieces are there as well. Originally $70 looking for trades! ESPECIALLY looking for an Elegance Coral, Rock Flower anenomes, Maxi Mini Carpet Anenomes, Bubble tip anenomes (green, rainbow etc) large Toadstools, colorful mushrooms, Brain corals, Acans, Lobo corals, bubble corals, Yellow Tang. Not really looking for SPS right now, mostly like softies and mainly LPS and anenomes. Let me know what you have to trade! Rather trade than take cash.... 551b995d46ee9b64ac561fac38a154df.jpg48c534844f7f3e446bcce65c37c2a2a8.jpg25f18df25359d719de3446848fb04ef7.jpg


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