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Basketball 07-08


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Well the season has started already!!!


Ducks took care of Pepperdine last night, 70-100. Shot over 50% from the field and just dominated like they should. I'm going to the game tonight against Pacific :D


USC lost to Mercer!!!!! LOL The OJ Mayo destruction show has begun, i love it!


Kevin Love had a double double in his first game, that guy is gonna be something.




Pac10 has 6 teams ranked in the top 25, well until USC drops.

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Hairston is going to be the go to guy. He's an NBA type player and is very difficult to stop. Plus he has a much better defensive game than Taylor. Don't get me wrong, i'd be fine with Taylor being that guy, but you can just see it in Hairston's face and the way he plays that he is gonna put this team on his back this year.

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Ducks got absolutely torched last night at St Mary's. Mills, their freshman 5'11" point guard from Australia, had 37 pts and scored at will against anyone Kent put up against him. St Mary's put up the most points on the Ducks in an OOC game in 7 years, and the most since a loss it Arizona in 2004. This Duck team hasn't learned play defense yet, and surely isn't a top 15 team. I hope Kent can get some sort of a defense out of this team soon!


Its funny, the Pac10 was the premier conference last year. This year it looks like they are way overrated. Started the season with 7 teams ranked in the topp 25. Down to 3 now, and Oregon looks to be on the fence.


UCLA looked strong last night though. Love dominated his 4th straight game and pulled them from behind to the win over #11 MSU.

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UCLA went down over the weekend to Texas.


Ducks took down K State in OT late last week, at K State. Big win on the road, similar to the win at Gtown last year. Hope they can keep it up.


Beavs lost to Iowa St. I'm going to be interested in seeing CJ Giles play late this month. He transfered from Kansas, I think he's gonna help the Beavs out a bunch.

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