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My 270 Gal tank is up for grab Auction!


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270 Gallon Acrylic tank Tank with Metal Stand and canopy

The tank is 6 feet long x 2 feet Tall x 3 feet deep. Great depth sensation.


Comes with a metal 32" tall stand , and canopy . The canopy has an oak finish , it has two 5 inch fans that keeps good ventilation above the tank. The tank has two overflows in the corners and 6 holes for close loop options. Almost all fittings and plumbing have been replaced with new ones. I have a 100 gallon sump negotiable. I also have two 3/4 inch boards cut to size to go on top of the stand.



I just got this tank a few weeks ago and cleaned it up and the stand has been repainted, added new adjustable legs. I was in process of setting it up for an inwall, but after discussion with my wife, she'd like a taller tank (30 inch instead of 24) go figure! (scratch). So this is one of those few times I'll have to agree with her and try to make this happen while I can DOH!. I paid more than what I am asking, but can live with the loss.


I am asking $1400 for it (which is well below what it's worth). I am also putting this for auction for 1 week from the time of this posting so that if everyone wants to bid more than $1400 I'll give the difference to the club . The tank is also listed for $1600 on craiglist but thought I would give a chance to members to get a great deal and at the same time contribute to this club. I am especially hoping that the proceeds would go toward the tank for teachers project .


If it does not sell I'll probably just set-it up and keep it as this is a beautiful set-up.


After a good clean it looks almost new. This tank is ready for plug and play.


here is the stand



And the tank on it's side after cleaning




Tank with new stand




Here is a view of the canopy


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