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37 Gal Tru vu Fully Stocked


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Unhappy to part with, 37 Gal Tru vu Fully Stocked.

Well the simple truth is I am graduating college in June and want to travel so its gotta go. I would like to sell it as a unit in person, but if that doesn't work I will part it out in the spring.

37 gal tru vu 36"x14"x18" custom stand 300

20L sump/fuge 100

Truvu HOB overflow 50

Tek light T5HO 4 bulbs 6 months old w/ legs 300

Eheim 1262 3 months old 100

Pacific Coast PS-100 skimmer 100

Tunes Nanostream 6025 50

Rio 1100 w/ Hydor spinner 25

Total Drygoods = 925


75 lbs LR 150

sm RBTA 75

Active Breeding pair of false percs 150


25 ZOA morphs 350

LG torch 75

LG hammer 75

sm Frogspawn 20

sm green birdsnest 25

2 sm acros 25 ea

2 lg clove rocks 35 ea

5 ricordea 25 ea

1 pr Lyre tail anthias 50 pr

1 Green manerin (female?) 25

1 high fin banded goby and pistol 40 pr

1 flame angel 50

1 yellow wrasse 25

Total Livestock=1405

Grand Total=2300

Sale Price 2000 OBO

I have tons of extras and such like buckets and mixing pumps to sweeten the deal.



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