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Regal Tang compatibility?


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I have a regal tang (blue tang) in my 300 gal. I am thinking about adding another regal tang to this tank? Do you think this would be a problem? My original regal has been in my 300 gal for about 1.5 yrs. There is also a yellow tang and a mimic tang in this tank.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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You never really know with tangs. Regal tangs are some of the kinder tangs and it shouldn't be a problem, but you never really know until you add the next one. One thing that might help is adding a couple at the same time. This will help with any dominance issues that may arrize. Also the use of a mirror to distract the original tang during aclimation of the new tang might help.




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I know my yellow tang will not tolerate ANY new fish in her tank. I have been bidding on a fish trap to catch her so I can trade her away but keep losing the auctions. I hate to get rid of her but I want a variety of fish and have had this yellow tang since just about the beginning of my saltwater tank keeping hobby. She has already chased 2 other fish to death.


Good luck with your regal tang. I am going to get a blond naso tang for my tank if I can ever catch that yellow tang.

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