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210 Gallon Reef System for Sale - $800.00


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·         210-gallon glass display

·         4x4 construction stand

·         125-gallon sump

·         LED reef lighting – Aquatraders

·         Circulation pumps – Jebao and Koralia

·         Skimmer - Octopus

·         Return pumps – 2 Pondmaster mag drives

·         Hundreds of pounds of rock – I have dry rock too if you want it

·         Livestock – 2 ocellaris, Aiptasia Filefish, Lunare Wrasse, Koran Angel, Niger Trigger, Long Spine Urchin, miscellaneous corals.

The tank is currently a mucky mess, I had the skimmer go down for a bit before I was able to replace the pump (first two pumps I got were back ordered and never shipped, ridiculous). The algae came with a vengeance and hasn’t went away. I really just don’t have time to keep up with it. I will NOT deliver it. I will send more pics video etc. as needed, but the breakdown and move is on you; it’s a beast so bring help.

Feel free to call or text (541) 233-e1ght tw0 zer0 e1ght

I am located in Waldport just outside of Newport, OR.


Image views:

1 Current view

2 Former glory

3 Current setup before algae

4 Sump view




front view.jpg

Former glory.jpg

before algae.jpg

sump view.jpg

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