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Selling/Trading spotted mandarin (female) and pencil urchin


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pencil urchin - $10 (or one SPS frag)

This guy is fat and happy but hes a bulldozer so he's been living in my refugium for a while. I should probably find him a home with more room to wander. 

(pic not shown, can add on request). 

spotted (aka yellow) mandarin dragonet - female - $20 (or two SPS frags)

I've had her about 3 months, but today she and her tank mate starting fighting so I had to separate them. I had hoped they were male and female but apparently not. Both of their dorsal fin spines remain small like typical females. 

She feeds readily on live copepods and baby brine shrimp, but I havent tried training her onto frozen food yet. She is active and healthy without any visible problems, other than a bad attitude toward her sister. She's about 1.5 inches long. 

I can meet anywhere in the Corvallis - Eugene area. 



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