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Rainbow bubble tip lot


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Just trying to gauge interest if there is anyone out there that would like to purchase about 25-28 of them at a price of about $30 each for the lot. Many are different sizes so i'm willing to work the price.


Example pictures: Please note, these pictures were taken with a gel filter to help cut the blues.

My avatar is more of their true color.













Baskets are getting a little over loaded :laugh: and since these pictures, there's twice the nems!








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I'm sorry all for any confusion, but yes this was a "LOT" sale

The price that i set was contingent of the size and was going to change/charge accordingly to size, most are in the $30 range that's why i started there. I do realize not very many of us can afford or house all this at once but it took years as we know to raise all of these and i decided i don't really want to let a few go here and there but make someones dream of a nice Clown nem tank a reality.


I actually spent little more than a year and a half searching for a cube to build my nem tank even had a custom overflow box made in preparation to start drilling the tank.


But sometimes life gets in the way.


I'm in no hurry, i really want to progress and more then likely i will but i'm just throwing out there to see if there is any interest in a lot buy of nems.


Thanks for reading PNWMAS!

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