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Big showpiece frogspawn


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I have 2 big frogspawn corals I need to sell. 1 is over 25 heads and I only want 75 for that one. I have seen them half as big much more so its a fair deal. I also have another of the same specimine that broke off a few months ago its pretty big. I would like to trade for nice sps corals. Even for frags if they are of nice colors. I like miliporas and whatever as long as they are nice pretty corals.




I have been wanting to trade this to make room for sps corals for some time now. Cant seem to find a new home for it. Probably because its to big. I will also sell frags from it for good prices if it doesnt sell this way. It would be nice to sell it in one piece.


I guess you could say its vollyball size

Here is a picture of the coral a year and a half ago. Its much bigger now


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