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Red Sea Reefer 750XXL build with remote sump


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Finishing up my latest build, Red Sea Reefer 750XXL with the remote sump and lots of extras plumed to my garage.  We are planning to go more stony corals this round so it was time for a fresh start. It’s been up for about a week. (My prior marineland 200DD starphire setup is available, PM if interested)

Build specs:


Red Sea Reefer 750XXL

Neptune Apex controller

Lighting: Kessil 360WE x 4 programmed from my apex. Using kessil mounts and extension poles fixed to the cabinet.

Flow: MP60QD, MP40QD currently running a tidal swell program.

Rock: about 300lbs very large pieces of kaelini rock I've had for close to 15 years.  


Remote configuration.  Plumbed into existing red sea display plumbing with metric to standard adapting schedule 80 unions made by spears. 

Vectra M1 dedicated display return.

Vectra L1 powering a manifold for all filtration components and additional tanks.

Emperor Aquatics 80W UV sterilizer

MRC ORCA pro II skimmer

MRC custom skimmer waste collector (arriving next week)

MRC CR818 calcium reactor (arriving next week)

Skimz reactors zeovit and media both rated at 2000L.  I’m not currently running Zovit and am just using the reactor to house seachem matrix media to increase biofiltration.  I am running GFO in the media reactor currently.

35 Gallon frag tank

20 gallon water change/emergency QT tank (I run two 80 gallon stock tanks with a big hydor canister filter when I need a full QT system)

35Gallon RODI top off tank

Aqua FX octopus 100gpd RO/DI

Kessil H150 purple grow light over refugium chamber

Frag tank:

35 Gallon acrylic tank that is likely to be replaced with a 36 * 24 * 12 frag tank in the near future.

Kessil 160we

Flow MP10QD






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