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Ron Popeil

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thank you all for the suggestions.


im sorry you had such a traumatic experience in tualatin, mike...and yenna...i dont think the hour and a half commute to corvallis would do me much good at saving money, but i definitely appreciate the offer...



Yes, very true - except now I'm in Portland :p

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Thanks! This is a belated response but: The move went okay, I ended up having to go back a few more times to transfer all my stuff. However, now I miss my fishes. I went to Aquaticus yesterday because it was right next to the gym and saw a pair of True Perculas that looked beautiful. Aquaticus was never my first choice for fish stores but this time I was impressed with the selection and how healthy a lot of the things looked. I did a price check on salt and other things and it brought me back to why I shouldn't go back into the hobby...


Anyway, Jordan! I will come visit you someday soon! We shall discuss Lost and the babysitting of your child. :)

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