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Yellow Watchman Tony And His Tiger Pistol Shrimp Friend For Trade!!!


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I have a beautiful Yellow Watchman Goby and his really cool Tiger Pistol Shrimp Friend that needs a new tank to call home, I'm downsizing my 55 to a 16 bowfront and I'm only keeping 3 fish. I've had them about two years, they MUST stay together. I'm looking to trade for a bubble tip anenome (colors I don't already have, I have rose and two shades of rainbow so any other colors!) Brain coral, Palythoa Grandis, Chili coral, Rock Flower anenomes, Maxi Mini Carpet Anenomes, tube anenome, or let me know what you have. I'm located in the Forest Grove area and can't meet too far, so prefer to meet in Gaston, forest grove, Cornelius. I also have an awesome Yellow Tang for trade, I had a person that was supposed to buy it but I lost my phone with their phone number on it and had to buy a new phone. If this person reads this and still wants the tang please contact me! Or I'll trade the tang for the corals/anenomes listed above. The pictures of the goby and pistol shrimp are off the internet, I tried getting pics but they're scared of the flash on my phone so it was impossible. They are identical to these pics. The pics of the yellow tang are the actual fishd7eaa61c7d2df0b45b21d3605c60d280.jpg0738f59154ee00f8bfba6dfe656b5778.jpgbc6a30fcd61dd381ebd331523ed33086.jpgbd443e99d9e249865027c13ca19e4fbf.jpgcf477961a8bc35d8afe7f186250799e5.jpg699622e5c39c6afd81a5bddc36d8c0ff.jpg8e7dbf76f2e64595b400c1d3016d10b7.jpg


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