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90 gallon setup


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So I have a pretty nice 90 gallon tank. I've been debating this for a pretty long time now but I think I'm going to be selling everything. I just don't have the time atm. I do plan on coming back to the hobby but it will be on a much smaller scale. It's a Acrylic 90g with the stand and canopy. The stands in pretty decent shape. I was trying to do a magnet setup for the doors on the canopy but I kinda didn't get far. The tanks has some minor scratches but it's in great condition otherwise. I have a ton of rock Coral and other stuff. For the big equipment it's had 48" T-5 lighting, apex with ph, temp, orp, breakout box, 2 RW-8's, Skimmer, ATO, pretty decent sump, pumps, Rodi, and a ton of other little stuff. Fish I have a purple tang, Wrase, hogfish, hawkfish, two chromis. There are 3 anemones in there. For Coral I'm really bad with names I just say pretty stuff lol. Biggest issue with it is there has been a algae breakout I can't seem to beat. Like I said tho I just don't have the time atm. I'm hopping for like $1200 for everything. I'll post pics later if I got any interest. Here's my thing I don't want to part it out. I don't have a lot of time to do all of that. I also have a 40gallon brute and food for it. If I don't get any interest I'll probably throw it on Craigslist but I would rather not do that.



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