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Sump cracking!


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Hey guys and gals, I've got a 20L three chamber sump.


About every ten minutes I hear a small "glass on glass" noise and sure enough the bottom side of my sump is slowly succumbing to pressure. I'm showing more and more water on the floor, I need a new sump, TONIGHT.


30 wide x 16 tall Max size, 20L is perfect. Doesn't have to be chambered. I can add that fairly quickly.





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The 29g and the 40b's were the tanks that i had on hand immediately that i trust, the sump would require some repair work and didn't want to give you another problem so offered that up last. I would try and hang tough until the petco sale and pick up and brand new tank or maybe someone else has a quality sump they're willing to part with.


Quick question, did you have the sump still setup like in the pic in your introduction thread? 

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