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Need help Dosing hydrogen peroxide


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So after killing my tank buy trying to kill the flat worm I am now having a problem with hair algae. I have tested my water and everything is perfect so I don't know where its coming from. 


I want to start Dosing hydrogen peroxide but don't know the mixture or what type of peroxide to use so could some one please help me out.



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Well some kind of nutrient is spurring the growth so it's being used by the gha making it appear like phosphates and nitrates are at a good level,


So we need to figure out source of excess nutrients. I have never dosed hydrogen peroxide other than spot dosing to kill turf algae.



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I've heard that the algae consumes the phosphates, causing your tests to be inaccurate. I had a green hair algae outbreak and had ideal water parameter tests too. I added some more snails and hermit crabs to the tank and added a bag of Chemipure Elite in my filter sock. That fixed the hair algae issues over a week or two... definitely worth a try.

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