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So I "inherited" a Rose Bubbletip Anemone from a friend who was getting rid of everything in his tank. My tank has only been cycled for about 4 months. The water quality is less than perfect and this anemone is suffering. Hardly inflates like he used to, falls off the rocks constantly, face down in the sand for hours, etc. I've only had this anemone in my tank for about a week and a half and he is not improving. The LFS says its normal accliation anemone behavior but quite frankly, imo i doubt its health would improve due to the maturity of my tank.


So, if there is anyone interested in a new bubbletip I have one. He is fairly small, maybe 8 inches across when inflated. I only have 1 decent picture of him that I will attach later. Please ask any questions you have. 


Thanks for your interest. I'm in vancouver




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