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Barrier Reef's 2nd Annual Frag Swap & Sale

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Saturday August 20th 10AM - 6PM


Hobbyists are free to bring coral frags to sell and trade. You can bring your own tables/chairs, cover, tanks, and/or coolers to work out of. We will not be able to provide power for anyone beyond the 4 registered spots and we cannot allow generators. You can use battery back-ups, Radion/Coral Box power sources or any other silent means to provide power to your frag tank. No registration needed. No entry fees. This is a free event designed to bring the reefing community of the Pacific Northwest together.

Barrier Reef will provide refreshments and we will also be running some amazing specials at the shop.

Setup opens at 8AM. Please watch the weather report closely. If its hot, bring fans and ice packs. If rain is in the forecast bring cover. The event is happening rain or shine!



Barrier Reef's Second Annual Frag Swap & Sale Specials & Limited Stock Door Busters
These specials will be edited right up to the event as our livestock availability varies daily. I will be adding to them as well.

Limited Stock Door Busters - No Rain checks

10 Mystery Boxes! FCFS Only $25 gets you a themed box with 4 corals/frags in it! Minimum $60 regular retail value per box. Some are worth much more!
200 Gallon Mix Instant Ocean Salt Box $39.99
Sm/Md Sebae Anemone $14.99
In-Stock Nano Tanks 10% Off (Innovative Marine, AquaPro, Aqueon, Fluval, & JBJ)
In-Stock Octopus Protein Skimmers 15%
Fauna Marin Consumables 40% Off

Will be edited and added to right up to sale.

Specials - Rain checks Offered

All Livestock (Fish/Corals/Inverts/Live Rock) 30% Off
Algagen Tisbe & Tangerine Pods $13.99
Jebao RW Pumps 15% Off
Jebao DP4 & DP2 Dosing Pumps 15% Off
Barrier Reef's Refractometer $29.99!
Barrier Reef's DC Protein Skimmers 15% Off
Barrier Reef's Social Acclimation Boxes All 3 Sizes 30% Off
Astraea Snail $.59 Each or 50 for $25!
Emerald Crab $2.99
Peppermint Shrimp $3.49
Blue Leg Hermit Med $.59
Yellow Tangs $14.99 Each
BSI - IC Gel $4.99
Elos Test Kits & Consumables 25% Off
Red Sea Test Kits 20% Off
Reed Mariculture Reef Nutrition Foods 20% Off
Hydor Koralia Evo/Pico 30% Off
Complete Seachem Line Including AquaVitro 30% Off (Salt Excluded)
Hikari Frozen Foods 30% Off
ME Coral Aminos and Coral Washes 20% Off

Base list. Will be edited and added to right up to sale.

We are supplying power and tables for our 4 reserved individuals but all others must make their own arrangements.
Please bring your own saltwater.
All licensing/tax obligations are the responsibility of each individual.

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