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Any pods for sale


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My tank has been void of pods for quite some time now. I never treated my tank with anything I have had Aefw and monti eating nudies but when I had each of those I just took every piece of the coral at risk out of my tank. Actually threw away every monti I had and then with my Aefw i knew someone will to dip them for me once a week for about 6 weeks. But I never did treat the tank.


Any of you ever start looking for pods to only discover you have zero? If so any guesses as to why you might not have them. I do not have any cheato or anything like that in my sump. My sump only has live rock in there.



I know I can purchase them from my LFS and I have. Just wondering if someone is raising them. I just poured in a bottle last night and we shall see if they can make it. I do want a mandarin some day.

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