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June pics Sakura Growout

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My display tank is 70 gallon cube with a 20 gallon Aqueon Proflex sump.Display has about 30lbs of rock. I have a CAD lights PLS-150 skimmer in sump. For flow I have 2 Mseries mover 1500gph power head and a Jebao PP8. For lighting I'm running 2 OceanRevive Artic T247 LED. I do 15% water changes every other week. I dose ESV bionic using bubble magus dosing pump. I just started dosing Acropower, 5mL daily so far.


I test every other week.

SG 1.026

Ph 8

CA 490

Kh 8.6

Mag 1500

Phos. 0

Nitrate 2ppm

Temp usually around 77.8





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