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Notes on the CFM from Advanced Aquarium


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I would like to start this with a big thank-you to PFO for the lighting, Envision Acrylics for the tank, Pacific Coast Imports for the goods and support, and my Mom for the really nifty skirt around the base of the frag tank stand. I needed all the help I could get with this one. Also, a special thanks to Mike Wilson for giving me all the assistance he had to offer and then some. I should also thank SPAYNE for stepping in to write invoices for my sales. Thanks to all. We had a good show, selling about $1700 of mostly coral. I was telling folks we about broke even, but as it turns out, we did a little better than that. Words of wisdom: keep it simple! I tried to take on too much in the time we had. Less is more. I would have done just as much(if not more) if set-up was complete by starting time. The other vendors had many fewer corals, nothing very run-of-the-mill, but small and expensive. We tried to have large frags at a reasonable price. Perhaps this is not as important in a frag show as it is in the store. Finally I would thank Steve Tyree and his host of assistants for their efforts to make the show happen. Ryan




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