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Selling 55g setup need gone ASAP


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Hello, I'm breaking down my tank and I want to selling everything in one big O bundle so I don't have to deal with the extra pieces. $550 or 400 without the tank and stand.



A bunch of power head

1 d120 led

1 all blue led ( not sure what it is but just look at picture)

3 metal halide reflector and 4 light bulb for it and a dual ballast

Used saltwater regular test kit there are still a bunch left

A 300 watt sub heater

A pump( will update when I find out how much water it pushes)

1 mag float

And and tons of misc and tons of food



A pair of oscellaris

3 chromis

1 lawnmower

1 purple reef lobster

I think there's about 8-9 hermit crab

1 chocolate star fish( fantastic it does not eat my corals what so ever had it for about a year now)

1 sand shifting star fish

3 big devil hand

1 huge rock of gsp

1 soft ball size rock with green polyps

A colony of eagle eye and radioactive zoas

Tons of Xenia

1 regular toad stool

1 green toad stool

A small rock with 5 decent size green muchroom

1 decent size Kenya tree( it's small if swivel up but when open medium size)

1 decent size frogspawn 2 head and those two head are starting to split into 4

1 decent size Hollywood chalice

Tons of co pods and anthropoids

A decent amount of this green plant/ algae thing( look at picture)

a few frags I have from the devil and and eagle eye zoa and green polyps


Only bad thing it have aiptasia, killing them right now I have aiptasia x and there are 3 huge fire worm. I be keeping the rock that they are in or quarantine the rock for you and take them out its really easy. I only have picture of main tank right now, but I will edit and add more pictures.




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Also I added more picture, for some reason it's not letting me edit so I forgot to mention I have a bunch of bristle starfish and a huge feather duster and a bunch of baby ones

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