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40 gallon rimless starfire cube set forsale $400


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Please call or text 253 389 6201 for more info.


Asking 400$ for everything listed. Paid over 1,000$ retail last year.


I have sold everything not listed.


Link to tank design > http://www.nano-reef.com/topic/311063-24x24x16-low-iron-rimless-aio-cube/

I am asking $400 for the tank, stand, 150w ehiem jager heater, 100w Hydor heater, x2 maxi jet pumps, rio hyperflow 4hf, Marine Depot Refractometer, large mag float, bulk reef supply white trim / clear mesh top, diy media rack, and a 30 gallon water change barrel marked in 5 gallon increments. 

List of prices I paid for everything - Tank $350, Stand $540, Heaters $30ea, Pumps $30ea, Mag Float $30, Marine Depot Refractometer $50, Tank top $30. Comes out to $1150

Tank is 24x24x16". 40 gallons. The tank is 3/8'' thick all the way around which is thicker than usual for a tank this size. Beveled edges on glass. The front and side panels are starfire glass which is expensive. The seams are welded with clear silicone in a minimalistic style and black silicon on the back wall. The tank has a full filtration ready sump built into the back. Baffles in the sump are 3/8" acrylic as well, as is the back wall inside the tank. The design can be seen in the link above. This tank would be called an "all in one aquarium" because of the back sump for this who don't know. The stand is 24.5x24.5x34.5" tall Built by Oceans by Design. Dark cherry oak stain. Lower removable shelf.


















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